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Rug colour sample arrived!

So excited jumping up and down – a sample in the form of a tiny winy mini rug arrived from Nepal!

It’s just a colour sample but I wanted to try and show you with some photos how beautiful the material and hand weaving is. It’s natural dyes and wool and so soft my feet are melting.

This is a wonderful collaboration that I’m about to release any day now, stay tuned!

About the design

It’s now been a year since I started on the Coast range and now the best bit is finally happening – a rug is on its way!  So far it’s definitely been my most exciting project so I thought I’d share some snaps from the creative process.

1. Draw and paint at night, it’s a slow but practical routine (toddler sleeping…hopefully). I experiment a lot with little paintings and try to not control my thoughts or consciously steer the design process. (Well that’s what I try to do but of course the outcome will always carry a few of my favourites. This time thoughts of coasting along the beach on my bike and jumping in the ocean crept into the mix.)

2. Tape the sketches to a wall so they’re the first thing I see when I wake up. (toddler jumping on bed)
It sort of works like a long equation which eventually makes sense.

3. Pick out the best bits and cut and paste on the computer until there’s a story with a flow. (Choosing colours is the best part.)

4. Hand paint the final design on a larger scale. (Nothing beats the hand, it gives the artwork life.)

5. Production (you know, real work.)

6. Trumpets!

Lisa Gorman picks Swiden for summer

Pretty darn stoked to be included in Lisa Gorman’s six pieces for summer in Inside Out!
I’ll make you a million patterns anytime Lisa!

Look what the postman brought!

Swiden in the new print & pattern book!

Swiden on The Design Files

I’m the luckiest lady to have been featured on the very best design blog, The Design Files.
Thank you Lucy for the post, but mostly for bringing us so much
interesting reading and fresh creativity to watch. You rule!


New images from Coco Flip

I’ve promised to share some images from Kate Stokes new amazing work and here it is.
Truly exceptional lady, generations ahead will celebrate her star for sure.

Don’t miss our collaborative window at Craft Victoria this month!

Come visit us at Craft Victoria

I’m very excited to announce a collaborative exhibition between Coco Flip and Swiden.
Here is a sneak peak of some of my designs, more images from Coco Flip to come!

Green March issue

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