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Mural with interior designer Simone Haag

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Last year I had the privilege to be invited by @simonehaag to paint a mural in one of their design projects in Sorrento. A beautiful house buy @jostarchitects
What I love about Simone is how differently she thinks about interior. They know exactly how to mix bold art & statement pieces, textures & colours, and still make a home feel like a home. To quote something I read recently: “People need art in their houses. They don’t need Bed, Bath and Beyond denist-office art. They need weird stuff.” [Ezra Croft]. If you like that, then Simone is your woman.

For this project I was pretty much given free rein. The brief was bedroom meets beach, with love for the female form. I used 14 @duluxaus colours that I also mixed and layered like a painting. It was great to work on this huge scale, and my legs definitely got a work-out running up and down the ladder.

Also to @melissa__strauch Designer & Communications lead at Simone Haag for making this happen in between lockdowns, you are a 💎

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