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Stoked to see ‘Foundations’ featured on The Design Chaser today!

After a 10-year hiatus, Charlotte Swiden has returned to painting with her exhibition Foundations, opening at Modern Times on Thursday 27th February. Charlotte’s disciplined approach to composition and colour, honed as a graphic designer, has transmuted into something softer and closer to nature – a series of abstract paintings that pulsate with motifs of plants, primitive figures and intimations of landscape, rendered in a muted earthen palette.
Charlotte grew up in Sweden, moving to Australia in 2005, and describes her work as an interplay of these two identities, two cultures and the tension that lies between the two. “Some of the themes in my works are stories around that identity split. Some are around nostalgia from home; being immersed in nature, a community and a solid social infrastructure.”
The mood of each painting shifts along a scale of emotion. The artworks I’ve picked out to share are some of my favourites from the beautiful body of work. I especially love the softer muted tones, and rounded abstract figures such as Midnight Sun (above), and Mother Moon (below).

See the full article here: thedesignchaser

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