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Interview The Design Files | ‘Artist Charlotte Swiden’s Solo Sydney Exhibition Is A Love Letter To Connection’

A lovely write up on The Design Files about the work behind my show ‘Affect’ 💌 showing Saint Cloche Gallery.

[…] Since moving from her home country to Australia in her mid-20s, she’s become intimately familiar with how relationships can transcend time and borders, and wanted to ‘capture the essence of that’ in her paintings.

‘Physical distance doesn’t mean that we don’t have our people with us. Sometimes we bond stronger,’ she adds. ‘Over time I have started to feel more assimilated [to Australia] and also more separated. I think much of my work has been a reflection on that interplay and conflict of identity.’
[…] ‘While painting I reminisce about a friendship or an event,’ she adds. ‘Sometimes a painting is more about a certain feeling, while the people I have in mind will often change. It has been so joyful and ‘loveful’ to create this body of work.’

Interview by Christina Karras

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