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It’s now been a year since I started on the Coast range and now the best bit is finally happening – a rug is on its way!  So far it’s definitely been my most exciting project so I thought I’d share some snaps from the creative process.

1. Draw and paint at night, it’s a slow but practical routine (toddler sleeping…hopefully). I experiment a lot with little paintings and try to not control my thoughts or consciously steer the design process. (Well that’s what I try to do but of course the outcome will always carry a few of my favourites. This time thoughts of coasting along the beach on my bike and jumping in the ocean crept into the mix.)

2. Tape the sketches to a wall so they’re the first thing I see when I wake up. (toddler jumping on bed)
It sort of works like a long equation which eventually makes sense.

3. Pick out the best bits and cut and paste on the computer until there’s a story with a flow. (Choosing colours is the best part.)

4. Hand paint the final design on a larger scale. (Nothing beats the hand, it gives the artwork life.)

5. Production (you know, real work.)

6. Trumpets!

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