September 29, 2011

Tom & The Creative Space

I’ve always envied those people that seem to have an ability to make anything with their hands. Tom Burless is one of those people. Weather it’s a delicate handmade paper-bag for an artist or a massive welded installation display for a gallery, Tom is your man.

When I moved into our Collingwood warehouse I was trying to figure out what title to give
my new studio friend. I just ended up saying, Tom is a maker, he makes things, any things…
and you can trust that what he does will be just perfect.

I love walking into Tom’s space and guessing what project he will be working on.
A beautiful wooden box will appear, a lamp installation for a design space, a handmade camera…
if I’m ever stuck for ideas I can be sure that I can borrow something from Tom,
like a box full of tape in all the colours of the rainbow.

One day I discovered that Tom types his invoices on a typewriter onto lined writing paper,
what did I say about attention to detail?

If you’d like to borrow Tom’s hands and mind his email is: